Thursday, September 24, 2009

About time I posted something...

Well, it's been a while, but then I've been busy. The bathroom is coming along well, so that is where we'll start.

By the end of August, I got the sheetrock up, taped, and mudded. This is a picture of what the sink area looked like.

By the 8th of September, the bathroom had been given a coat of blue paint, and I was cleaning up some details.

I realized that the opening for a pocket door, which is what was used previously, is 2 inches highr than the opening for a regular door, so had to add a 2X4 and then sheetrock it. Of course, there were complications, but it's done.

Here is what the bathroom looks like now. The sink is in place, though the plumbing isn't hooked up yet (I'm going to that when I put in the toilet). The shower base is set, and the toilet ring is plumbed in. I've got white molding around the top of the bathroom, and am about to put in the base molding (it has to be done before I put the toilet in).

I'll try to post about something else next time, since I'm sure anyone who happens to read this is probably tired of hearing about my bathroom!

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WTexJoe said...

It's looking nice, Bliss. I'l bet, however, you wish you could have spent that amount of time, energy and resources on something useful, like On30 ;-)